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A Better Story In Life & Work

 I remember hearing a story about a guy who wanted to be a comedian but he decided to be an accountant instead. He said it was a safe and good choice.

Years later when he was laid off, he realized his decision to become an accountant was based on fear but was masquerading as a “good decision.”

Unfortunately, getting laid off sent him and his family scrambling because he was seeking a job while searching for who he was. (Not an easy thing to do.)

What I learned from his story was…

You can fail at what you don’t like, so you might as well take a chance on what you love. 

This familiar story comes in many shapes and sizes because people are often discouraged or afraid to take their own journeys.

Here’s what the journey looks like:

    1. Leaving the known for the unknown and disrupting the stories that hinder you.
    2. Confronting the “dragons” by facing fears and obstacles head-on. (Even when you think your dragons might eat you.)
    3. Discovering the treasure of your true self which provides clarity in resolving dilemmas.

Many times, it’s the comfort and success that’s familiar to us that prevents us from taking a journey.

So whether we’re launching a new marketing effort or business, our transformation from comfort to discomfort matters most.


Join the Northstar Membership

Today, it’s easy to solve most problems with a quick internet search. Want to market your business? Easy. Learn to do marketing? Simple.

The issue is that we mostly have dilemmas, not problems. Dilemmas are resolved and problems are solved.

Once you’ve decided you are going to market your business, the dilemma becomes where do YOU do the marketing. It’s no longer a how issue.

That’s where the Northstar Membership comes in. It’s here to help you see things differently, commit to self-development, and create better results (and stories) personally or professionally.

Who Is Northstar Membership For?

Dreamers and Visionaries

Aspiring Entrepreneurs: We’ll guide you to start an aligned business.

Creative Minds: Blend intuition and business skills with our membership.

Individuals Ready for Inspired Action: We’ll help you move past fear and embrace your potential.

Growth-Minded & Conscious Leaders

Established Business Owners: Grow your aligned business with our tools and insights.

Personal Growth Enthusiasts: Make the world better through our empowering coaching.

Those Seeking Work-Life Balance: Learn to set boundaries with our community’s support.

Challengers and Overcomers

Those Struggling with Self-Doubt: Break free with our coaching.

Individuals with Focus Challenges: Maintain focus with our guidance.

Anyone Ready to Develop Skills: Manifest success by acquiring concrete skills.


Join The Thrive Tribe Membership!

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Who Will You Learn From?

Meet Joseph Bojang

joseph bojang-transform and thrive
  • Storywell: Seeker/Warrior
  • Enneagram: 4w5
  • Working Genius: WD
  • #1 CliftonStrengths: Significance
  • DISC: DC (Challenger) or CD (Designer)

Joseph is a certified coach with a background in marketing, human behavior, and business. He possesses a unique skill set honed through years of experience as an entrepreneur and a Master’s degree in Human Relations.

Since 2015, Joseph’s thriving marketing business has been a game-changer for countless clients. With a golden touch in paid ads and marketing funnels, he’s generated millions in revenue for his clients, all while cultivating his own wildly successful business.

But Joseph’s success isn’t just about technical prowess – it’s a testament to the power of personal growth. His epiphany? Business growth is limitless when we unlock our inner potential and fearlessly bring forth our best selves.

Joseph doesn’t just preach this philosophy – he lives it. Armed with degrees in Religion and Human Relations, he knows the profound impact of alignment on success. This blend of hard skills and a deep understanding of human dynamics make him uniquely equipped to partner with you on your journey.

Together with his wife, Joseph co-founded Transform and Thrive. Their mission? To help entrepreneurs and professionals like you excel in life and work. Join him in the Thrive Tribe Membership, and embark on a journey of growth and achievement, grounded in authenticity and alignment.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, an established business owner struggling with growth, or someone looking to align your business with your core values, we have the tools, community, and coaching to guide you.

Join the membership today, and let’s turn your struggles into success.

What’s Inside?

Coaching, Community, & Courses

Tailored Coaching Sessions

Every journey is unique, so we’ve structured our coaching based on your needs. Whether you’re taking your first steps or scaling new heights, there’s specialized coaching waiting for you.

Comprehensive Courses

From marketing and self-improvement to business growth, harness the power of our expert-crafted courses. And, keep an eye out for new additions coming your way.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

From marketing and self-improvement to business Dive deep into strategies, clear doubts, and gain insights. These group sessions are your opportunity to connect, learn, and grow.

Exclusive Tools & Resources

You’ll gain access to a curated collection of tools, strategies, and resources designed to propel you forward, whether it’s your personal growth or business scaling.

Community Interaction

Engage with a tribe of like-minded individuals. Share, learn, and grow together, strengthening your journey with collective wisdom.

Inspirational Challenges

Who said growth can’t be fun? Participate in engaging challenges that keep you motivated and fuel your journey with zest.

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